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Bonnie Brown is regularly invited to give masterclasses across universities and private schools in Australia, France and internationally, in both English and French. Subjects range from solo performance practices, exam and concert programming, exam, competition and audition preparation and success, chamber music coaching for piano duos and small ensembles, and successfully applying for grants and scholarships to fund further studies. 

To enquire about her travel schedule and book a masterclass at your institution or music school please use the contact form.


This masterclass is designed for students at the end of the high schooling and in the first years of university level music studies, with a specific focus on piano students, but is also adaptable to all young musicians at this crucial stage of their musical education and development.

The Masterclass is divided into two parts: a lecture on pertinent topics (see below), and performances, where students present works for discussion and critique.

During the lecture portion, the following topics are covered:

  • Programme selection: Exam success begins here. How to select not only a balanced programme but how to distinguish yourself with thoughtful, original, artistic and coherent musical choices. 

  • The learning period: Ensuring a solid performance all begins in the earliest stages of learning a piece of music, literally from the first time a musician plays the first note. How to avoid common mistakes during this crucial stage and save time, how to manage practice time efficiently, productively and enjoyably, and a timeline for preparation to ensure exam success.

  • Performance Practice: Once the programme is learned, how to psychologically, physically and emotionally prepare for the performance. The stages of preparation in the weeks leading to the performance - how many practice performances, where, when, and what to focus on during this crucial period.

  • The big day - Exam Performance Techniques: Although managing performance stress is 95% in the preparation, on-the-spot stress and nerve management techniques are essential to keeping cool and delivering the best performance under pressure. Drawing on over 30 years of performance experience Bonnie brown shares hints, tips and real techniques to manage the on-the-day nerves associated with performance and to improve stage presence. 

During the performance portion of the masterclasses students present works and are encouraged and assisted in order to improve not only their musical interpretations but also their stage and performance presence. 


As a member of a professional piano duo for the last 11 years Bonnie Brown is passionate about chamber music and especially piano duo and duet.

This masterclass focuses on established ensembles who present works for critique. 

Besides a traditional critique in performance aimed to immediately improve the performances, subjects covered can include intelligent repertoire choice, rehearsal techniques, and how to prepare for the unexpected (essential in all good chamber music performance preparations!).

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